Communion Meditation

A girl at work tonight told me about her first time going to church. Her new boyfriend invited her and she begrudgingly went along with him. Overall, she said the experience was fine, she stayed awake during the majority of it; however, she was a bit perplexed by the “crackers and juice.” I explained to her what communion is all about and I realized how we can just go through the motions.

Communion is such a critical part of the service, but at times, we can lose focus on its importance. Communion is really speaks to an overall Christian worldview as it starts with us coming before the Lord admitting our sins, humbling ourselves through confession. It is because of sin that God’s original plan was broken, instead of living in perfect fellowship, we live in a fallen world.

Instead of  forsaking the guilty, God decided to offer each of us a path at redemption. The path he choose was to send his Son Jesus Christ as an atoning sacrifice, to pay the ransom for our lives. Due to this immense price being paid on our behalf we commemorate Jesus ‘s life, death, and resurrection.

We also can reflect on the New Covenant that his death and burial confirmed. The law of the Old Testament could not save the lost, only condemn the guilty. In its place we have J.C.!

As we take the elements, the “crackers and juice” as my coworker called it, let us reflect on areas of our lives that where we need redemption. Let us all strive towards restoration, closer to God’s original purpose and original plan.


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