The Opportunity to Respond!


Ephesians 2:10- “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance, so that we might walk in him!”

 Think about this verse in light of the stuff that you have been entrusted: your possessions, talents, and abilities. Not only has God given you these things to highlight his astounding craftsmanship, the pinnacle of all creation, the ultimate culmination of humanity, but more fully he has done this so that you have an opportunity to respond to Him and become more like Him.  

 Will your stuff be a barrier to God or reflect your priority of God? We tend to make idols out of everything: worshipping our phones, favorite sport’s teams, or trendy fashions. At times we even idolize ideals—working for the American Dream, striving at some picture of perfection that is only a façade of a darker reality. Out of his love for us, Christ models a picture of humility that all puts people over possessions as he left the halls of heaven for the horrors of humanity. Taking on the imperfection of human frailty, dealing with the same pressure, uncertainty, fear, and apprehension that paralyzes us and instead of giving in, became the sinless Lamb that was slain! He allowed nothing to stand in between his earthly life and the mission of the Father.

 All the things that make you uniquely “you” are an opportunity to become more like God, through his Son Jesus Christ. God laid out good works that might reflect the new-found redemption and relationship that is offered through the cross, a bridge from self to selflessness, from death to life. One day over lunch I asked a friend of mine who is a pastor what he thought it meant to be a “servant-leader.” He gave me a few thoughts and the conversation ended, but a few weeks later, early in the morning I got a text telling me to get to church ASAP. As I rushed to church expecting an emergency I opened the door to find an older man in the church on his hands and knees taking off a coat of wax and laying a new layer. I tip-toed around him and ran to the pastors office. “What’s wrong?” I grunted out. He said, “Did you see that older man in the main room? That is the answer to your question from a few weeks ago!” It turned out that the man was not a janitor or paid staff, but instead was the church treasurer, wealthiest contributor, pharmacist by trade, and there he was not content to give out of the abundant overflow of his bank account but instead giving out of the overflow of his heart. A servant using his talents to bring God glory and in the process he became more like the Son! We walk in the footsteps of Christ who went before us, and leave footprints in the sand for those who come behind us!


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