Failure to Thrive, Part 3


Don’t be surprised when it happens!

 As we finish up today with Part 3, A Failure to Thrive it is in the aftermath of relationship based on revelation and direction from the light of God that the results could surprise you. In 1 John 1:7 the last remaining apostle shows us the results of fellowship with God and Jesus Christ his son: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

Suddenly unlike so many digging in the dark, there is no more failure to thrive only a flourishing in the faith.  It is in one verse where we see the purpose of Christ’s death was the victorious warring against the enemy of koinonia, sin. Koinonia offering relationship with purpose, the other division geared towards isolation and death. As Christ emptied himself, becoming nothing, he poured out his righteousness unto us and bore the sins of each of us.  On the cursed cross Christ cut the head off of sin, like one cuts the head off a serpent, leaving it’s body flailing around as if still alive, but most certainly dead!

Chuck Colson in his last novel before his death, The Faith, described a scene that too many might have looked surprising! As part of the Prison Ministry, Chuck developed and dedicated his life to he would take people into the prisons to share the Gospel. One day, he took along Bill Simons, you might not recognize the name, but Simons is a former Secretary of Treasury, Olympic organizer, and once a millionaire investor. Not exactly who you expect to visit a prison, but the scene got even stranger—What left an indelible mark in Colson’s mind was seeing Simons, a devoted Christian, drop to his hand and knees—handing the Lord’s Supper through the bars to a prisoner, hand in hand praying, crying together as they shared a bond that went beyond bars or boundaries.

Vince Antonucci calls it Guerrilla Love because much life guerrilla warfare which is an attack before the target is ready, reinforced, or prepared. Conversely, Guerrilla Love is a surprise ambush of love before the walls of defense go up or the hardness of hearts set. Each Christian, regardless of where are you are, I want to challenge each of us. Instead of being victims of our culture—recognize that in our pews we have an army of love waiting to be unleashed. Some our rich/others poor, some strong/ others weak, some spiritual mature others new to the faith, some introverted others extroverted, some musical or analytical, some emotional or intellectual but together we form the church! Together we are the body of Christ.

When you start loving those around you with the purpose of showing them the love of Christ, indwelling inside of you, you will go from a “failure to thrive” toward “flourishing in the faith,” from words to the wonder of seeing a life changed, from information to application, from someone else’s story to your own personal adventure! Go ahead, live it out, just don’t be surprised by the results!




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