Be Nice?

Be Nice! We hear it from parents, teachers, maybe even pastors. Be nice to others! It isn’t a bad sentiment. Yet while laying in bed last night it struck me that it partially misses the point! 

Instead of just being nice to your coworkers, loved ones, and friends–try the harder and more noble task of being loving!

Being nice is the surface, being loving goes to the core!

When you are being nice you do what they want, when you are being loving you do what they need!

Being nice requires only a little effort, being loving requires everything!

Romans 5:8 helps put it in perspective on a divine level–that while we had nothing that was desirable, nothing that would merit someone being nice to us, that in the midst of our sin God demonstrated, he didn’t talk about, or theorize, or ponder, he acted out his love in the most complete well possible—Immanuel–God with us, dying for us!

Thank God




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