Today, I am going to mix it up a little bit. We are in the middle of a series looking at the building blocks of discipleship and tomorrow we will continue. This morning while driving I saw the a beautiful sunset and these words of repentance came to me.

I say “grace” and then work to gain ground in the race against my shadow, always a step ahead or only one step behind.

I say “love” but when I look in the mirror there is a foggy myopic outline of a Pharisee, a plank blotting out God’s power.

I say “hope” only to get trapped instead in the hurricane of hurry and pushed back to earth by the altitude of my ability.

I say live in “community” only to find myself pulling back.

Finally, in my silence, your words break through my hardness of heart–“turn, turn, turn back!

Not to who you used to be or your little identity, but to ME!”

I say…”YES LORD!”


16 thoughts on “I SAY”

  1. I’m glad you enjoy it. I was doing some site upkeep work, and actually think you may have found my old site. My current url is http://www.foreverjoyful.net. Hopefully, I got all the migration issues fixed. (BTW: When I said your literacy-related posts were welcome at our linkup, I definitely meant Bible-related, too. That is the most important Book ever, right!)

    1. I will definitely check out your new site. Thanks for the clarification on the literacy-related post. I am working on a piece right now focusing on our need to read the Word of God. When I finish, I’d be happy to share it, but you might need to walk me through the process. I am slightly technology challenged. 🙂

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