Sanctity of Life

Some issues can leave us feeling pretty small and insignificant. Check out the U.S. National Debt Clock if you don’t believe me: As I took a breath to think about what to write next, it increased by an amount that vastly outpaces my yearly salary. A mistype and backspace just cost me another years salary. Who said blogging is free?  Other issues can feel out of our control, preview, or authority. This morning, as you leisurely read the paper, drink your cup of coffee, or watch your kids soak up their Saturday morning cartoons, know that you can make a difference in the national conversation swirling, sometimes vitriolically, around the Right to Life issue. and the Colson Center shared a resources for all believers (, all advocates for human rights and the unborn. When you feel small. Pray. When you feel insignificant. Pray. Each time you do, you turn to our Lord who is neither small or insignificant. Pastor and author John Bunyan remarked:

You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.

Check out the Colson Center resource that helps all of us become more educated, focused, and engaged.

Let’s stand together and let our voices be heard, let’s hit our knees together and pray to our Lord, and let’s together show Christlike love to all sides of the abortion issue.





2 thoughts on “Sanctity of Life”

  1. When I was 21 I gave a baby girl up for adoption, a few months later a friend needed help and she had decided to have an abortion. I took her to the clinic and stayed with her and cried my tears silently. I think back on my daughters life and the life of her aborted baby boy many times. What a life he never had. I pray she has forgiven her self as I have forgiven myself for not trying harder to convenience her to have the baby. It isn’t easy for these ladies to forgive themselves and move pass this act. I can tell you I have been on both sides of the abortion issue.

    1. Cathy, thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences. People on all sides of the abortion issue need to be shown love, find forgiveness, and depend on grace. I really respect the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers for their wholistic approach to helping unborn babies, new parents, but also those who have had an abortion. Thanks again :). God bless.

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