Jackpot Aftermath

This morning, for many, is the first morning back in the drudgery of everyday life.If you listen closely you might be able to hear taps playing softly and somberly in the background,  as people all across the country bury their dream of swimming through money like Scrooge McDuck from Disney’s classic Duck Tales.

scrooge mcduck

We really aren’t much for statistics, after all, they usually tell us things we don’t want to hear. The stat this morning is 1 in 259 million- the chance of winning more than a billion dollars overnight.

Why do you have to kill our dream? I hear your chorus echoing back. Why do you have to remind us of the reality when we just want to imagine the lifestyle of the rich and famous, the extravagance, the luxury?

Here is what I saw on the ground level rather than from the pent house suite. People last night were busily talking about the lottery, pulling out their lottery tickets whether they were in the church, the community center, or volunteer fire house. Everyone seeming had invested in their new life. Here is the problem, a lot of these same people struggle with having enough money, putting food on the table, paying their bills on time, and saving for retirement. The lottery grabs our attention with big dreams, but for the 3 winners of the $1.5 billion, the dreams are going to be being built on the backs of the working poor and lower middle class. The dreams are being built on the hopes of wealth without work, when the odds of becoming a billionaire by hard work or innovation vastly improve compared to having 5 random numbers drawn correlate to the 5 random numbers on your ticket stub.

Want to realize a new reality? Let’s rededicate ourselves to following God’s Word as closely as millions followed the numbers drawn live on national television. Let’s be as passionate about sharing God’s word as we are about envisioning how we are going to share our millions. Instead of the Power Ball, let’s all experience the Power of the One True God.

Romans 10:9- If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (I LIKE THOSE ODDS A WHOLE LOT MORE!)


2 thoughts on “Jackpot Aftermath”

  1. I do not believe Christians should buy lottery tickets. If we win then others will say it is luck. We need to depend upon Jehovahs blessings and not waste our hard earned money on fantasy dreams. If they won I believe it would be a huge stumbling block in their Christian walk. Besides, think of all the trouble it would be dealing with all of the leeches coming out of the woodwork trying to con money out of us if we did win.

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