A Glimpse At God

So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them. (Gen. 1:27)

Yesterday, my son and I decided to go across the street to church to break up the cabin fever. We got bundled up like deep sea fisherman, but with the first inch of an open door the frigid chill hit us. With the temperature at 1 degree and the wind chill much worse the chill worked right to the bone. My son is two years old so I scooped him up and made a run for it as he laughed and mumbled “cold daddy, cold!” Small victory! We made it into the warmth of the church building.

For about 45 minutes we played in the nursery and kicked the ball around, burning off some of the excess energy that builds up in the confines of a small apartment. Finally, my son was done with the games and so we bundled up again. As we got outside my son instead of saying cold, looked at the playground equipment across the street and started yelling emphatically, “Park! Park! Park!” He had forgotten his earlier comment and the chill of the bitter cold. Kids will be kids but wait…In that moment I had a spark of self-awareness.

How often do we have the same experience with God in other settings? God scoops us up from a trail, struggle, or temptation letting us embrace his warmth rather than freeze in the cold. Yet, how quickly we can forget. God shows us in our weakness of an illness His strength  but the next day we are back to our self reliance. God takes us through a trail of job loss or relationship struggle  only to see us hit the trail again chasing after whatever catches our fancy, forgetting about the bitter cold outside of relationship with Him.

God had in store in family than just community and relationship. More fully, he allows in the family a mirror to show us in the most personal and undeniable ways a glimpse at ourselves. At times it reveals successes and other times shortcomings. Ultimately, it reveals our need for the Father who scoops us up and takes us to where we need to be rather than allowing us to continue onward to where we want to be, without direction or guidance.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for coming to our rescue. In our brokenness you continue to reveal yourself. In all our relationships we ask for the clarity to see in each one a glimpse at Your greatness. Father, it is humbling to think that you sent your son Jesus to scoop us up and pull us away from sin so we could be called sons and daughters. We love you! In Christ’s Name…Amen.



7 thoughts on “A Glimpse At God”

  1. Relationships are eternal. It makes sense that we could see God through what is eternal rather than what is temporary. Thanks for sharing your story!

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