Bringing the Word To Life- Blessings

After nearly 4 weeks, we are finishing up our look at the Building Blocks of Discipleship. We have a chance to believe, become, build, and finally bless. Not only with the words of God, but we get to bring the words to life with the…

Works of Christ- I am thinking about one scene in particular in the book of John, chapter 6, a hungry crowd has been following Jesus hoping that the human bread dispenser will work again, after feeding the huge crowd, and finally, (John 6:28-29) “28 Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” 29 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

What is the work that is required? Faith in the truth of Christ, conveyed through the words of Scripture. Nowhere through this process of discipleship do we do enough to earn our salvation, but when you are given a great gift, there is a natural response.  (CHECK OUT THIS FANTASTIC GIFT):

As heart-warming a gift as having a son or daughter come back home from the theater of war, it was as God gave his son to die in the war for the world, that we are invited back into our Father’s home. It is a gift unrivaled; the Father has lavished his love upon us making us his sons and daughters. Here is the amazing thing—God wants that for all those that he created, he wants the homecoming, the celebration, and Scripture says the heavens rejoice over one sinner who repents! The word of God was always meant to come to life—John 1:1—In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God, (14) and the word became flesh and made its dwelling among us!”

christ on cross

When you believe God’s word, when you capture in your heart the magnitude of what’s been done, it comes to life in the same way; we become the ambassadors for a living Christ, and we start blessing people with the works of Christ—The Gospel, from the beginning, was meant to be seen and experienced—the cross often depicted as way off the ground, was only 4-5 feet up purposely. The Romans wanted people to come forward and see, feel, and experience the crucifixion—to see in the victim themselves, but God too wanted Christ to be seen, because in Christ was a love lived out!

william borden

I want to leave you with a story of William Borden, an Illinois native. It was 1904 when Borden graduated from a Chicago high school. Young William didn’t necessary have any concerns about crossing from adolescence into adulthood; his future was already firmly planted, as he was the heir to the Borden Dairy estate and already a millionaire. To celebrate his graduation from high school, his parents gave him a trip that took him around the world. As William traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, he became painfully aware of the sufferings of others. Borden became so emotionally burdened that he wrote to his parents, saying, “I’m going to give my life to prepare for the mission field.” At this defining moment in this young man’s life, he wrote two words in the back of his Bible: “No reserves.” Borden lived up to those two words as he held nothing back. While at Yale University he became a Christian leader starting a small prayer group that quickly became a movement drawing 150 freshmen for Bible study and prayer weekly. By the time Borden was a senior 1,000 of the 1,300 students at Yale were meeting in small groups on campus. By graduation from college, the wealthy Borden committed himself to serving among the Muslims in China. Graduation was another milestone and defining moment in his life and next to “No reserves” he added the phrase, “No retreats.”

Borden lived that sentiment. Refusing a number of lucrative jobs, he went to graduate school, and after graduating seminary, Borden went to Egypt to learn Arabic, as he intended to go among the Muslim Kansu people of China. While in Egypt, he contracted spinal meningitis. Within a month, 25 year old William Borden was dead. Prior to dying, William Borden has written two more words in his Bible. Alongside the words “No reserves” and “No Retreat,” Borden wrote “No regrets.”

The life of a disciple in six words—“No reserves,” “No Retreat,” and “No Regrets.” Giving each person in our lives or that we interact with the gifts which cannot be duplicated: the words of Christ and the works of Christ.


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