Quote of the Day


See if you can relate to the thoughts from Brennan Manning today from the Ragamuffin Gospel.

“The sophisticated adult within me shudders and is reluctant to offer them hospitality (dirtballs, grungy, disheveled, and bedraggled) They may be carrying precious gifts under their shabby rags, but I still prefer clean-shaven Christians who are neatly attired, properly pedigreed, and who affirm my vision, echo my thoughts, stroke me, and make me feel good. Yet, my inner child protests: “I want new friends, not old mirrors.” (62-63)

Are you ready for relationship with people who don’t think just like you but challenge you? Are you ready for problems that don’t perfectly align with yours but stretch you? It is time for new friends, not old mirrors.  What situations or stories does this quote bring to mind for you?


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