Mark My Words-HOPE


Sometimes it is only in the storms of life, that the world becomes dark enough that we can see the light of Christ waiting. In the fallen moments as we cry out, “God, don’t you care if we perish?” we see through our text…

Jesus meets us at our darkest moment, with our greatest hope (Mark 4:39) He got up, rebuked the win and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

For the disciples to this point in being with Jesus, this is their biggest challenge. More are on the horizon, but they can’t see it, they don’t know what is waiting, the life they are truly being called to, or what the future will look like, the blood spilled, the miles traveled, but it is in this dark moment that they are receiving a hope for the hopeless moments to come! It is the darkest moments—like the one that would come as Jesus hung on the cross, when the sky literally turned black, where Christ hung beaten and tortured, thorns on his head, seemingly losing the fight, that the moment on the boat and others which followed were meant to speak. Faith which meets the darkest moments with the greatest hope!


In Kenya, July 5th, 2014—the heavy knock on the door left no doubt that something was wrong. As 50-year old Anna Eboni was cooking dinner, her door was kicked open. It was a group of men who belong to the al-Shabab, jihadist terrorist group. They asked her, “Are you a Muslim?” she said, “NO, I am a Christian.” They grabbed her husband who was in the back room, pulled him out, and locked Anna inside. From a window she watched as her husband was beheaded in front of their house. It is after a moment like that! Nothing can prepare you…there is not enough personal strength to find a ray of hope, but in her faith, she found the ability to keep going—finding relief and encouragement, as other Christians were drawn together, reading their Bibles together, and trying to find how to live this new life together. Perseverance through faith!

In the face of death, the darkest moment of Anna’s life, she found the greatest hope of all, eternal life waiting, and an existence, a reality that couldn’t be cut away, buried under the ground or forgotten with time. Some of you have met Christ in that same place…Some of you haven’t wanted to go through the storms of life, but you are here today, after death, after loss, after addiction, as a sign of God’s greatest hope sent to man, lived out by Christ. While the strongest earthly foundations can be rocked out of line or brought down nothing, that while the largest bank accounts can be wiped out to zero, all along the smallest faith, even the size of a mustard seed, can move mountains, remind us that, “Nothing will be impossible for you.”


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