Quote for Today

“Abba, just on the basis of what you have shown me in your son, Jesus, I believe you love me. You have forgiven me. You will hold me and never let me go. Therefore, I trust you with my life.” Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning

As you read these words, maybe you just got off the phone with your doctor and your searching for answers after the diagnosis rocked your world off its axis. Some of you each day valiantly fight a silent war against chronic illness, feeling your physical standing slipping by the day, others walk through the shadows of depression or the drudgery of the daily demands.

As the gaze of the world turns from Easter back to everyday life, don’t turn your eyes from a simple yet splendid truth: You are not a slave to the world, you are a son or daughter of the one who is worthy! When everything around you seems like it is going to be extinguished, all you worked for, all you strove to become, realize all that God made you for, all that he has in store for you, and all the doors he laid before you hoping you would walk through. Grace awaits!


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