Do you ever feel like you’re carrying more than you can bear? Like the mythological character Atlas with the world on his back or Sisyphus who was perpetually called on to roll a rock up a hill only to see it roll down. The rock seems to roll down each day for the caretaker caring for the chronically ill, the worn out single mother trying to work two jobs to provide for her children and yet feels like she is missing out on knowing her children.

In human flesh, even Jesus confronted the reality that he couldn’t do everything.  In his book The Master Plan of Evangelism Robert Coleman points to the “genius of Christ’s ministry.”  Jesus shifted his emphasis after eighteen months of ministry. Instead of trying to invest in everyone, he choice those who were open, faithful, malleable, passionate, and ready.

Dann Spader in his book on discipleship called Walking As Jesus Walked summarized the shift: “His mission was not so much to reach the whole world as to make disciples who would reach the whole world. This is a sublte but life-changing distinction.”

For Jesus in Mark 1:16-20 he reached out to brothers Simon and Andrew, James and John. Instead of trying to do everything, what are the names of the few that you are investing?


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