The Same but Totally Different

“In the same way people are quite prepared to leave Christian terminology untouched, but they can surreptitiously interpolate that it involves no decisive thought. And so they remain unrepentant, for after all they have destroyed nothing. They no more desire a powerful king than an heroic liberator or religious authority.”  (Soren Kierkegaard, The Present Age)

We see from 1846 a prophetic look into our current reality. A current cultural condition where people are happy enough to leave the facade of the church and Christianity alone as long as they can reinterpret what everything actually means. George Orwell in Politics and the English Language described a condition in which the communicator got to a place where he was “indifferent to whether his words mean anything at all.” Part of the cynicism, apathy and disengagement we see in the realms of politics is that words no longer have meaning. Partly, the church faces a redefining of key words such as love, sin, tolerance, and on the list goes. The words sound the same but for all intensive purposes are totally different.

Let’s go back to God’s definition as a way of understanding God’s desire!


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