Quote of the Day

“Only when the sense of association in society is no longer strong enough to give life to concrete realities is the Press able to create that abstraction ‘the public’, consisting of unreal individuals who never are and never can be united in an actual situation or organization-and yet are held together as a whole.” –Soren Kierkegaard, The Present Age

Lord, unlike ‘the public’ allow ‘your church’ to be more than an abstraction. Instead of abstraction allow us to be about tangible action. Allow your church to reach out and touch a hurting world. May your Word fill us, your Spirit guide us, and your grace of Jesus embolden us. Hold us together despite our differences, opinions, and preferences. Allow us to be one as you are one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We love you Lord and pray that everything that occurs today be for your glory. Amen.



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