Don’t Ask Me That: Boundary

Hopefully you are starting to see answers to the question (Check out the first two parts of this message) Does God exist start to be formulated. Our existence didn’t happen by chance, accident, or random generations. Since we have a beginning there has to be a cause. Our creation points to the creator of Scripture who masterfully united the things around us to be perfectly suited to our needs, but let’s move from experience and science to philosophy—because everywhere we look God has put within us…


 A Boundary (Romans 2:15) 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.
We live in a world where people are uncertain if there is a truth that transcends their momentary whims. The Burger King philosophy has taken root–You can have it your way. Truth like a transformers–constantly shifting, like sand filling up the container, and yet Paul argues for a universal law rather than a universally changing one. Not written on a slab of concrete but chiseled into the human heart.  Why is it that every culture throughout history has had laws, that murder, lying, immorality have been discouraged? Even what we would consider aberrations such as human sacrifice was done with a universal in mind: Why is it that all people around the world desire to worship something?Situational ethics is pretty common these days. A Zogby poll taken in 2002 found that 73% of college students said that, “What is right and wrong depends on differences in individual values and cultural diversity.” This mindset leaves events such as the Holocaust as simply cultural events which are neither good or bad, right or wrong. As much as people may claim that they believe in situational ethics, the problem is that we have trouble living by this expressed position–there is something with in us that cries out when a boundary has been crossed.

It reminds me of the college student who decided to defend relativism in his philosophy class…Who was he to say that child rape was wrong or honor killings unacceptable, who was he to argue against mass murder? He finished up his paper, evened out the rough edges, spent some extra time going through it to catch grammatical errors, he even had a friend read through it to make sure it was solid. He really needed an A in the class because he was hoping to get into law school. He turned in his paper in a fancy blue folder and he waited for his professor’s feedback. The professor a week later handed back the papers, and the young man flipped open the blue cover and was shocked when he read the red-ink comment at the top—it felt like his blood—“F—I hate blue folders!”

The student claimed to believe in moral relativism, but was unable to live with the results of relativism in his own life. All the time, we see amazing acts of goodness, foster parents who adopt special needs children as their own, millions raised for victims of a natural disaster, a person who donates a kidney for a stranger in need, but without God each act is no different than the acts of Hitler with his concentration camps. Mother Teresa is on equal footing as Mao Zedong. Yet from within us, something at the deepest levels calls us towards things which transcend cultures, context, and continents—a mother protecting her child in the middle of Baghdad or in the middle of Aldi’s connects, sacrifice is always applauded. It should be an awakening that Christ, in the name of relationship, came into the world. It is telling that in the name of truth, Jesus would humbly be hammered to the cross. It is powerful that in the name of true love, Jesus was pierced in order to protect his people. It is freeing that in the face of rejection, Jesus Christ was resurrected—It is the perfect life of Christ that stands across the centuries in place of our broken lives that we start to become use to.

Today, don’t run from God or deny God’s presence. Instead embrace Him-finding in his boundaries a freedom. You were made like a key for the lock–come and unlock all that God has in store for you–come and taste his goodness–don’t flip a coin, or take a chance on your future–allow each beginning, each beautiful sunset or night sky, each ache of your conscious to remind you of a fact worth responding too: God’s Not Dead! He reigns!


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