You decided to go all in: heart, mind, soul and body; made new in the water.

Going head first not into darkness, but following the light.

Then somewhere between your pride and desire you decided part-time was fine.

You declared full-time rights as a member, but became a part-time attender.

Each groan from your mouth you decided should be respected as if from on high, yet you’re pew sits empty only blessed with your presence part-time.

You have an opinion on how each dollar is doled out, but your generosity is gutted, no forethought or cheer just whatever is in your pocket. You’ve gone part-time and in your mind that is just fine. After all, you have the rest of your life to think about.

You look at your schedule and donate an hour-proud of your soaring service, with a pat on your back, you kick up your feet. After all you deserve it. They will figure it out, things will turn out just fine with you as part-time.

Part-time like a high school romance: half-invested and half out of the door.

Yet, Christ came as the fullness of God-when playing a role part-time wouldn’t suffice, holiness refused to take a holiday.

Then came the madness of the moment still vibrating the foundations-crucified, cursed on a tree for you and me, when a half-measure wouldn’t do, a part time Savior wouldn’t satisfy. Now when things go quiet, we pray at all hours, double-minded expecting full-time God service.

Don’t kid yourself, your no longer your own, your owned by another, part time means it is time to reconsider.


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