We Believe–Spoken Word

We believe, no problem, but it is like a rocket ship blasting out of orbit. From our TVs we see the flame but can’t feel the heat.

We believe, no problem, at church we pledge our allegiance but like a dualist we grow distant like the Grand Canyon. One person on Sunday–halo gently polished–during the week quickly replaced by what is fallen.

We believe, that is not the problem. Like the theory of relativity, nodding along with the concept and yet never conceiving real relationship.

There is power when belief becomes more than a ballad, when we marvel at the master’s gallantry, where a loved lived out reconnects us- a devotion devours all that’s in the heart apathetic. Where a flame consumes all but what flourishes, leaving only a fragrant aroma. Breathe in deep, that is the smell of true belief. A truth that cannot be tamed, a champion that didn’t circumvent the challenger, but instead who went through the fiery of the refining fire, through death to bring new life–WE BELIEVE.


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