Greater Things-Everyday

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Today we are going to begin a new sermon called Greater Things, as we gear up for a first-hand view of one of the most overlooked and yet captivating Old Testament prophets Elisha. Let me give you some of the context here, the nation of Israel has split into two divided monarchies, religious idolatry abounds, and there has been seemingly only one faithful prophet by the name of Elijah serving God. He has just battled it out on top of Mount Carmel with the prophets of false gods. We pick up right in the aftermath where Elisha comes into the story.  A man who had no idea God wanted to use him or any prospect of what he would become. As we tag along and recount some of his most daring adventures we do so in hopes of moving from comfortable to called, from complacent to compelled, and from good to greater things! Open with me to our text today from the book of 1 Kings, Chapter 19, verses 19-21 today where Elisha is in the midst of having a day that is like…

Everyday- Elijah the great prophet has been sent to find his replacement after having a heart to heart with God…(1 Kings 19:19a-b) 19 So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat. He was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen, and he himself was driving the twelfth pair. For Elisha like our cat in the halls of heaven, the everyday was pretty good. He lives in the town of Abel-Meholah which literally translates as the dancing meadow. If I had to be from somewhere, the dancing meadow isn’t a bad place to take in the everyday and the good times keep rolling in.  It reminds me of the Sound of Music. Elisha is in the field, working the ground, not with one ox show, but instead with twenty-four ox. This is like the corporate farm rolling around with a fleet of brand new John Deere combines instead of a harvesting by hand. Elisha’s family is wealthy, comfortable, and most likely content! We can sometimes forget how important the everyday, day in and day out can truly be, and yet it is incredibly valuable and necessary. If you told your spouse (listen I love you, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I need a break—every day is just too much—-HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO BE MARRIED?) You didn’t get healthy in a day, it took everyday investment. You didn’t say for retirement in a day, it took day after day. Most churches depend on everyday faithfulness for survival. It is prayer day in and day out that is powerful. It is investment year after year that is impactful. It is involvement outreach after outreach that finally breaks through. Day in and day out is the foundation for the future!

There is however an inherent risk in the everyday, that like Elisha, we could get caught up in just mindless plowing—mindless going back and forth in the field without being aware of what is around us. I talked to a few of you that farm and it sounds like the danger especially now with precise farming is forgetting to turn—the tractor can do almost everything for you, you can read a book, play on your phone, and sometimes in the everyday we miss the opportunity for something more.  We can get into a rut and stop taking chances. In fact sometimes we get to a place where our biggest concern is not upending the status quo when the greatest danger from God’s perspective is living in the status quo. We’re not sharp, discerning, on guard. We are stationary which can mean stagnant. Don’t worry in case you are worried that you might be in an everyday runt—I’m here with a test, Are you guys ready?  Awareness Test:


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