Greater Than Good

Elisha had been willing to do what many are not—creating space-cutting free from the past in order to embrace the future calling. Finding that radical amputation did not leave him with less, but left him with more as he embraced the radical opportunity …but look at how the account moves along, giving us some:

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Radical Observations (2 Kings 2:13-15) (Elisha) picked up the coat that had fallen from Elijah. He went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan River. Then he struck the water with Elijah’s coat. “Where is the power of the Lord?” he asked. “Where is the power of the God of Elijah?” When Elisha struck the water, it parted to the right and to the left. He went across the river. The company of the prophets from Jericho were watching. They said, “The spirit of Elijah has been given to Elisha.” They went over to him. They bowed down to him with their faces toward the ground.

As the Israelites once crossed the Jordan on dry ground ending their Exodus, Elisha now walks across the Jordan on dry ground confirming his transition and installation. He has officially taken up the mantle of his mentor, becoming the chief prophet to Israel. It is easy to miss in the whirlwind of activity, in the momentous moments just how radically God was working or to say “Wow, look at how amazing Elisha is now!” Don’t miss this—time and time again—God doesn’t use good people he uses faithful ones. Here in our story, he has taken a young man working in the fields, we get no comment on his education, his charisma, his IQ, his religiosity, and all we see is that he was faithful. Continue reading “Greater Than Good”



If life is but a vapor, it is time that we live for what is lasting. As I reflected on that idea, the words of this original poem resonated with me:

Wearing our sin like a badge of honor, calling evil good and good evil.

Seeing only the immediate in the midst of eternity. Worshiping the creation at the expense of the Sustainer.

Driven by the incessant tyranny of the urgent rather than the urgent need for the one in whom there is no tyranny only immutability.

Freezing over the darkened ashes: addiction, abuse, but all the worse apathy. Wishing for the warmth of a burning flame that would allow a moment’s tranquility.

Living a fantasy, building a bigger house of cards knowing it is doomed to catastrophe, sweating in a race of irrelevancy, invincible only in our lunacy.

Lord awaken our hearts with a new vibrancy, our eyes with needed clarity, our hands and feet with a clarion destiny.

Awaken from your hibernation and welcome to a new spiritual and enduring nation.