Mark My Words-Simple Message

jesus preaching.jpg

It was 48 hours before Thanksgiving 2013. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, unlike Christmas there are no last-minute deadlines, presents, or gift-receipts to worry about. 2013, unlike the years before or after had some added excitement, we had finished our adoption paperwork and all that was left was the hurry-up and wait. We were told that “our” baby could be born in hours, days, or weeks. Fast-forward 24 hours before Thanksgiving 2013. All of a sudden, I started to get sick. Run of the mill cold symptoms, stuff that doesn’t warrant spending a $25 copay, or risking sitting in a doctor’s office with sick people and risk catching something, something that rest, Nyquil and a soft bed can fix. That is until about 12 hours until Thanksgiving. Chelsea was working nights and it was around 6:00 a.m. I was lying in bed groggy, coughing, and uncomfortable (like the guy in a Nyquil ad with Kleenex’s everywhere)-not a pretty sight when my phone started to ring. My wife said, “It’s time, the birth mother is at the hospital!” Talk about a simple message. Just a few words (simple message). All of a sudden, I went from having no-where to be, to having somewhere to go! A few words changed everything. I still can remember rushing to Prompt-Care, rushing around looking for socks, patting myself down trying to make sure I had everything (urgent calling) and when I finally got in the room I told the doctor the context, “Listen, I have a baby to go meet!” It was all riding on her medical opinion, all those years of med-school, all the training, all the preparation…Would I be allowed to go into his room, to hold him, to touch him…? (surpassing authority)

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